Adhésif covering effet acier Brossé Bleu Indigo thermoformable 1M52 x 300mm

Adhésif covering effet acier Brossé Bleu Indigo thermoformable 1M52 x 300mm

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Adhésif covering effet acier Brossé Bleu Indigo thermoformable

film acier brossé thermoformage covering adhésif covering

Film utilisé par les: professionnels . Permet de réaliser le tuning de votre véhicule. Pose facile, peut s'appliquer sur toutes sortes de surfaces (plastique, carrosserie, bois, alu, vitres...)
Usages multiples :  automobile, moto, camion, ordinateur, portable, appareils mobiles, meubles, scooters, etc .. les possibilités sont infinies.

THERMOFORMABLEdecapeur_thermique_coveringA1-5_notation_covering_CAVIAR_COVERINGPERFORMANCE AperformancecoveringcaviarcoveringA1-5_notation_covering_CAVIAR_COVERINGRENDU Rendu_image_coveringA1-5_notation_covering_CAVIAR_COVERINGANTI-BULLEA_covering_bulle_freeA1-5_notation_covering_CAVIAR_COVERING

Revetement , adhesif , adhesif  pour moto , pour scooter , pour auto , pour meuble, pour ordinateur , pour objects connectées


One of the first drop-down adhesives was the plaster, so the first industrial and large-scale use belongs to the medical field. He is the German pharmacologist. the plaster (in 1901), which is the first adhesive surface wound on itself, produced on a large scale. Then in 1925, the American Richard Drew, engineer at 3M, develops the tape as we know it today.

The word Scotch is an antonomase (figure of speech) where the common name has been replaced by a registered trademark. Nevertheless, according to the legend, the body painters would have pronounced the following sentence: "Take this tape back to those Scotch bosses of yours and tell them to get more adhesive on it! ("Bring that ribbon back to your boss bosses and tell them to put more tape on it." It was because he knew he would have to remove it that Richard Drew did not put adhesive only on the edges of the plastic film he was making then.

The tape of this era was made of celluloid, one of the first synthetic plastics manufactured on a large scale. Today, it is most often made of PVC or polypropylene.

Of course, duct tape had a remarkable boom during the Second World War, as did many other emerging technologies. Indeed, the 3M brand has manufactured over one hundred different adhesive tapes for all kinds of uses such as packaging, insulation, impermeability, and emergency repair.

Since then, it has developed in different areas of use as we know them today, such as double-sided tape, office tape or masking tape, accessible to all homes, schools , companies and offices.

In 2004, duct tape was part of this collection of exhibits at the Humble Masterpieces exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, in the Department of Architecture and Design. More than a hundred items such as trombone, Post-it, Chupa Chups, T-shirt, bandage, Frisbee, Bic ballpoint pen, Rubik's Cube, hanger, Tupperware were visible. , the tennis ball and many more.

Very recently, we developed adhesive tapes of washi paper from Japan. Commonly called masking tape, they are actually used a lot for decoration.




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