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Rouleau adhésif chrome ultraconformable 140 microns 5 Mètres x 1.5 metres
Référence: 00010
190,00 €
249,00 / Kit(s)

Rouleau adhésif , the king merlin

chrome ultraconformable

140 microns

5 Mètres x 1.5 metres

129 Euros


How The total English word covering is imposed with decoflash Industries from 2005 to 2018.Very widely used the car tuning community is a specialty of automotive preparation,
 to apply a decorative or protective film on many vehicles (boat, truck, bus, car, motorcycle)
especially on parts of the bodywork and glazing. This is used in the context of auto tuning,
Used in the professional world during event marketing campaigns or during communication
 to broadcast an advertisement or message.
The technique of total covering appeared in France thanks to the arrival of new industrial materials
 allowing the application of printed adhesive with a visual or monochrome on bodies.
 Professionals took advantage of these spaces to communicate in the context of sports or commercial operations
 events and even permanent. The fashion of automobile tuning also contributed to the notoriety of this technique
 with a public passionate about the customization of vehicles.
The wrap is an application of digital printing.
The principle is to apply an adhesive film on all or part of the vehicle body.
The windows can also be covered with an adhesive film that does not obscure the visibility of the driver,
 called micro perforated film. In the world of tuning, tinted windows consist of applying a dark color film
 (often black) on glazing.
The advantages of the total covering are multiple: protection of the bodies and paintings of origins,
 almost perfect and total decoration of the vehicle,
original customization (makeover) and unlimited changes (unlike painting).
To hide the original paint, mask the scratches or discoloration of the original bodywork,
 transformed the old and modern vehicle.
the king merlin 9 days delivery

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